Our story

begins in a small town with a big dream.

Jimmy and Minnie Jones sitting together on a park bench

In the 1980s, husband and wife Jimmie and Minnie Jones began an extraordinary journey in the heart of Lewisport, Kentucky. Their mission? To create a pizzeria that would not only support their growing family but also become a beacon of pride in their beloved small town.
Their vision was far from ordinary. They wanted to establish a restaurant that felt like a home away from home, encouraging the community to come together like neighbors over shared meals. It would be a place where they could share the magic of classic and specialty pizza, igniting the taste buds of all who entered their shop.
Together, they opened their very first store in Lewisport. This humble beginning would mark the start of a lasting connection with their neighbors — a connection centered on one thing: a shared love for piping hot, impeccably fresh, hand-tossed pizza.

Our Pizza

Unlike the typical pizza joints in town, we do things differently. We don’t rely on frozen dough; instead, we lovingly craft our signature dough by hand every single day. It’s always fresh, never frozen. With the expert care, we hand-toss this dough to perfection. Our secret recipe includes a premium blend of four cheeses and our very own, down-home pizza sauce. The result? Pizzas that are bound to bring a smile to your face.